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Visits with Santa: 2023 Bookings

DateTimeNameChildrenAdditional Info
Dec 17 (Sun)02:20:00 PMLaura MosleyMosleyJames (dad), Laura (mom), Joseph (4), Zoey (11)
Dec 16 (Sat)02:20:00 PMKim SummersCaroline SummersHas two dogs (Nana and Dozer), sister Julia, Busia (grandma) and mom and dad in house. Wants rollerskates for Christmas. Loves dressing up in costumes, playing doctor/vet/dentist.
Dec 16 (Sat)02:10:00 PMKim SummersJulia SummersHas two dogs, sister Caroline and Busia (grandma) in house along with mom and dad. Wants a robot that gives her whatever she wants (please let her know Santa doesn't have this technology yet) and troll toys. Loves candy and popcorn.
Dec 17 (Sun)02:10:00 PMShawn BlairRaylen & EverlyRaylen is almost 3, Everly is almost 1
Dec 09 (Sat)02:40:00 PMAmelia SolyakSolyakBrothers Anton (4 years) and Dmitri (6years)
Dec 10 (Sun)02:30:00 PMDavid GorenzOlivia GorenzOlivia is 2 years old. Her mom and dad will both be accompanying her.
Dec 17 (Sun)02:20:00 PMDavid GorenzOlivia GorenzOlivia is two years old. Mom and dad will both be there!
Dec 10 (Sun)02:20:00 PMChristian BanksJay BanksNone
Dec 17 (Sun)02:00:00 PMOdaly MedinaYandel MedinaYandel is hyper
Dec 16 (Sat)01:50:00 PMJeffrey ProbstProbst FamilyBrendan 11, Logan 8, Caden 6. Jeff/Brittany
Dec 10 (Sun)02:50:00 PMDonna ShehaneJosie SchweighartShe loves dolls, Choo Choo trains, puzzles
Dec 09 (Sat)02:50:00 PMKatherine KliebhanKliebhan (pronounced Kleebahn)Rowan is 7 in First Grade at St. Peter School. He has much older siblings in their 20s. Maggie and Finn live in Chicago, John lives with us at home in Geneva. He likes Pokemon and Super Mario video games. He is very good at Math and likes to solve puzzles. He plays basketball, baseball, flag football. His mom and brothers are engineers. His sister is in medical school. We have a black dog named Schnitzel.
Dec 01 (Fri)09:30:00 PMElizabeth KawaMacy SmothersMacy and family are in town from South Carolina for a wedding that will be happening this Sunday. Macy is going to be the flower girl for her Uncle Tim and Aunt Jackie’s wedding. Macy likes Frozen and Paw Patrol.
Dec 17 (Sun)01:50:00 PMLaura SchreinerLoganLogan’s first time meeting Santa! Just with mom and dad
Dec 02 (Sat)12:50:00 PMJackie BrooksAnnalyn (Anne) and EverettBrooks Family Anne is 10 is a gymnast and loves her dance classes she is a sweetheart. Everett is 6 years old in 1st grade. loves being on the Geneva baseball team. He is super sweet and kind.
Dec 16 (Sat)02:30:00 PMKristina MikolajczakParker, Rolen and CharlotteCharlotte is their cousin. Charlotte and Rolen like trains and Mickey Mouse. Parker likes Spiderman and Avengers.
Dec 17 (Sun)01:40:00 PMMelissa Baswell WilliamsEssley and EmmettEmmett wants a video game (Yoshi’s Crafted World) and a pitch back. Essley wants makeup and a phone.
Dec 10 (Sun)01:50:00 PMAshley La GesseDuncan and Harrison La GesseDuncan loves the Chicago Blackhawks, hockey, dinosaurs and animals. He really wants new hockey gear for Christmas. Harrison loves Sesame Street and puppies. He really wants a disco light machine for Christmas.
Dec 09 (Sat)01:40:00 PMJim OstlerOstlerDeclan (6) and Will (3)
Dec 16 (Sat)02:40:00 PMRachel Borsellino FrankenLandry FrankenLandry loves the Disney movie Luca, his birthday is December 7th and he just turned 3, He asks for a Choo Choo, airplane, and wallow talkies
Dec 10 (Sun)02:00:00 PMJaime CulpCulpAvery and Cooper are 3.5 and 1.5. Avery wants dolls, a bike and books for Christmas. Cooper wants dinosaurs and trucks.
Dec 16 (Sat)01:40:00 PMJulia HandyHandyJoseph age 6 loves nerf guns, ninjas, his mama Rosie loves reading, crafts and theater Older boys are Sam, Peter, Josh
Dec 10 (Sun)01:40:00 PMLisa NewborghPAWLOWSKIEverly (1 1/2) the only thing she knows about Santa is that he says ho ho ho.
Dec 16 (Sat)02:50:00 PMJenna LarkinEmma and Mackenzie LarkinEmma wants a “real” unicorn, and Mackenzie wants a dinosaur 😁
Dec 03 (Sun)02:20:00 PMKatie SimcikLachlan and Sylvie SimcikJust want to meet Santa and tell him what we want for Christmas :-)
Dec 10 (Sun)02:40:00 PMChristina BaldwinLuke and Olivia BaldwinLuke loves soccer and Pokemon, Olivia loves Disney princesses. Both have been very helpful at home.
Dec 17 (Sun)01:20:00 PMPeter FerreiraMateo FerreiraMateo is a 7 year old 2nd grader. He really loves Nintendo, Minecraft and Mario Bros. He has lots of pets at home.
Dec 09 (Sat)01:20:00 PMNadia CrudeleIsabeleNadia - Mom Frank - Dad Brandon - older brother Zara & Esmé - dogs
Dec 01 (Fri)09:20:00 PMMaggie FoertschZoe, Olive & ChipWe have a dog named Rocky! Olive wants a gymnastics bar Chip wants a bigger bike Zoe wants a game called “taco cat goat cheese pizza” and a magic 8 ball :)
Dec 01 (Fri)09:10:00 PMGina ChristensenChristensenFamily of 6
Dec 10 (Sun)02:10:00 PMmichelle WroblewskiWroblewskiSamantha (4 years old) Brody (6 years old)
Dec 10 (Sun)01:20:00 PMJennifer DunhamDunham FamilyBlaine (10 years old): Electric Scooter; Cade (7 years old): Books; Cole (4 yeare old): Dinosaur Toys
Dec 16 (Sat)02:00:00 PMMackenzie YoungEmerson YoungN/A
Dec 16 (Sat)01:30:00 PMTessa ShulmanGiadaMom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa
Dec 16 (Sat)01:20:00 PMTara MoenMoenAva (12) & Aaron (9)
Dec 17 (Sun)01:10:00 PMVictoria TaylorKlosowskiEli 7 years old Plays basketball and football 2nd grade at Harrison Elementary Loves legos Emery 6 years old Gymnastics Kindergarten at Harrison Elementary Loves makeup
Dec 17 (Sun)01:30:00 PMJohannah PortincasoElora and Ari PortincasoElora is 7 ( 1st grade ) and Ari is 3 months ( his first visit with Santa ).
Dec 09 (Sat)01:30:00 PMJayme LeTemptEmma JohnsonEmma is 9 she goes to Richmond Intermediate. She plays the violin and loves Cinnomoroll. It’s a Sanrio Hello Kitty Character. Her brother is Will and he is 5. She loves playing video games and wants a computer for Christmas.
Dec 16 (Sat)12:50:00 PMJayme LeTemptWill & Emma JohnsonWill is 5. He goes to Davis Elementary and his teacher is Ms Fisher. His sister is Emma. Will loves Godzilla and plays soccer.
Dec 03 (Sun)02:10:00 PMMaria Dolores SchmittSchmittDrew, Darla & Dulce Schmitt
Dec 09 (Sat)03:00:00 PMLucy DragerDragerEddy Drager 3.5 year old Started preschool in September Loves cars, lawn mowers, tools, puppies, fire trucks, police cars, construction trucks, Loves Disney’s WALLE. Favorite treats- chocolate, donuts, cookies, cupcakes Favorite - Blippi, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Little Bear. Loves to pretend he fixes cars, helicopters, mowers, Wants for Christmas-helicopters, real Walle figure, telescope, new cars
Dec 09 (Sat)01:10:00 PMMichelle OchsOchsWe’ve come to visit Santa in Geneva since Maria’s first Christmas! Maria-17 Cecilia-15 Eva-13 Clara-9 (she’ll be 10 December 16!) Audra-6 Greta 4
Dec 10 (Sun)03:10:00 PMHayley GrahamMadeline and Joey KalinaThese are 2 year olds. Madeline loves gymnastics and her baby doll. Joey loves trucks and play-doh. They both love trains and dancing.
Dec 17 (Sun)01:00:00 PMCera MorenoVinnie and Rhys CaliendoVinnie is 3 years old and loves hot wheels cars. Rhys is 10 months old and loves whatever his brother plays with. It’s his first Christmas. :) they have a little dog named Pebbles.
Dec 17 (Sun)02:50:00 PMCasey Collier-SheahanSheahanMichael with new baby sibling, dog at home Duncan, asking for Dinosaurs, cho-cho trains, trucks and cars
Dec 03 (Sun)02:20:00 PMNathan MoseleyMoseleyGeorgia (2 year old) and Jacob Moseley (4 months old)
Dec 03 (Sun)02:00:00 PMMeghan EdmonsonEdmonsonDylan (13), Emma (10) and Maddie (6)
Dec 17 (Sun)12:50:00 PMLindsey RamosCharlie RamosCharlie's 1st visit to Santa - he is 8 months old :)
Dec 03 (Sun)01:50:00 PMRebecca KarnoscakSean KarnoscakLoves movies - Toy Story, polar express.
Dec 03 (Sun)01:40:00 PMRebecca KarnoscakLucy KarnoscakLoves puppies, Mickey and Minnie, little people, Daniel tiger, bear and the big blue house, and ms Rachel. She wants a baby doll for Christmas
Dec 09 (Sat)12:50:00 PMKatie HowlettAnthony and Avery HowlettAvery wants an American Girl Doll and Anthony wants nitendo Switch games
Dec 17 (Sun)12:40:00 PMAshley GradyOwen GradyNone, only 4 months old.
Dec 17 (Sun)12:30:00 PMStephanie GradyOlivia & Caroline GradySanta will be going to her Gege’s House to leave gifts this year. Olivia loves Bluey, princesses, dinosaurs and dancing Caroline is a new addition to the family. She will be 1.5months old.
Dec 09 (Sat)12:40:00 PMCristina NolanKasprzakReed is 3 yrs old and loves cars and Spiderman. Ethan is 3 months old. They have a Russian blue cat named Mili.
Dec 10 (Sun)01:00:00 PMBrian FrantzGeorge and cooper FrantzGeorge (7) 1st grade, football (bears, fields), Messi (Soccer), Legos Cooper (3), trains, Polar Express, cars and monster trucks
Dec 16 (Sat)03:00:00 PMKathryn DiPaolaDiPaola FamilyJosephine (6), Beth (4) and Graham (2) DiPaola
Dec 03 (Sun)01:30:00 PMAileen GattusoReece GattusoHe loves paw patrol and trucks. 4 years old, in Pre-K. Has 1 older brother.
Dec 03 (Sun)01:20:00 PMAileen GattusoElwood GattusoHe loves minecraft, among us, marble runs, and maps. 6 years old, 1st grade, has a little brother.
Dec 03 (Sun)01:10:00 PMErika RodriguezCharlie RodriguezCharlie’s 5 months old meeting Santa for the first time!
Dec 17 (Sun)03:10:00 PMJulia BlakeWells Thoma17 month old boy. Thank you!
Dec 16 (Sat)12:20:00 PMLexi DonelsonAinsley Donelson2 year old so is nervous around new people. Mom and Dad will probably need to be very close.
Dec 10 (Sun)12:50:00 PMJennifer StaresinaStaresina FamilyHarper: age 5. Hayden: age 8
Dec 10 (Sun)12:40:00 PMTasha LascoThe Lasco familyBraxton lasco 2yrs old Isabella lasco 5yrs old
Dec 10 (Sun)03:20:00 PMMargaret FreemanFreemanLily- has a beloved stuffed giraffe named Raf. Other loves- Daniel Tiger and Minnie Mouse. She’s a great big sister to her brother Logan. Logan- Is 1 year old and is just loving life and exploring all the world has to offer!
Dec 03 (Sun)12:50:00 PMDawn ChapmanAdaline & Will ChapmanAdaline: 5 years old, Sugarplum is her elf, takes ballet class, dogs name is Wrigley, would like a toy unicorn, & rain deer Will: 3 years old, GusGus is his elf, likes baseball, loves candy, loves ghostbusters-Slimer & marshmallow man, trains &trucks
Dec 02 (Sat)01:20:00 PMSamantha L BarrettRowanCorkill Family Wants a monster truck, a light up watch, and more Barbies.
Dec 10 (Sun)12:20:00 PMSarah CornickCornickEmmy (5), Sophie (2.5), Olivia (11 mos)
Dec 03 (Sun)02:40:00 PMMichael LencioniCharlotte and Joshua LencioniCharlotte is five - kindergarten Joshua is two They have a sister on the way (due in March) Both kids are really into paw patrol and trolls. Charlotte also likes to paint and do crafts, Josh likes trucks and driving his car.
Dec 17 (Sun)12:20:00 PMAndrea HemmerLillian KraftLily is speech delayed.
Dec 03 (Sun)02:50:00 PMAmanda JohnsonJohnsonBode (4) and Lyla (1.5) Bode loves fishing, golf, t-ball, mint chocolate Lyla loves dancing, play-doh, coloring, pouches
Dec 17 (Sun)02:40:00 PMMelissa RecioViola and Matteo RecioViola (age 5): loves art, bitty baby, and paw patrol Matteo (age 3): loves Toy Story, dinosaurs, and Mario brothers We live in California, and the kids know that most of their gifts from Santa are being delivered there.
Dec 17 (Sun)02:30:00 PMErin ChildsOlivia, Savannah, Charlotte and Connor GilboyOlivia 9-wants a phone Savannah 9-wants a horse Charlotte 5 -wants a unicorn Connor is 1 We have a dog, Winnie, golden retriever.
Dec 17 (Sun)11:50:00 AMElizabeth McEvoyAmelia and Sophia JohnsonAmelia and Sophia are year and half old twins.
Dec 03 (Sun)02:30:00 PMElizabeth CraigElise and Elliott CraigElise 9 years old 4th grade loves to play school and with Calico Critters Elliott 7 years old 1st grade loves Star Wars and Minecraft and Legos
Dec 10 (Sun)12:10:00 PMLena PerryEllis PerryEllis is 21 months
Dec 09 (Sat)12:30:00 PMErin Vander VeenMiles Vander VeenMiles is a 6 year old boy. His baby brother, Parker (age 3) will be there as well.
Dec 09 (Sat)02:20:00 PMashley hartkeAiden and Ryan HartkeAiden is 9. Ryan is 6.
Dec 03 (Sun)03:10:00 PMAmy ValentiSiena & VinnySiena loves Barbie’s and makeup and Vinny loves WWE at hot wheels
Dec 09 (Sat)12:20:00 PMColleen GotsisGotsisKevin (age 4) and Charlene (age 2) Gotsis. Mom: Colleen Dad: Gregg Kevin’s interests: The Hulk & Captain America; baby Yoda; Mario. Wants action figures for Xmas. Charlene’s interests : Mini and Mickey mouse, Baby Shark, Barbie and Mario.
Dec 03 (Sun)12:40:00 PMChristina KozaThe KozasOwen- loves trains, is almost 3 years old, very excited for Christmas and Santa this year Olivia- Almost 1 year old, This is her first Christmas, loves her big brother and loves to laugh.
Dec 10 (Sun)01:10:00 PMJulie ReutherStella and SophieStella- 1st grade, 6 years old, loves cats Sophie- 4th grade, 9 years old, love sports
Dec 03 (Sun)12:20:00 PMCourtney ParatoMurrayElsie and August
Dec 03 (Sun)12:30:00 PMLaura CareyLuke, Finn, Maeve CareyLuke - 12, Boy, Middle School, Basketball Finn - 10, Boy, 5th grade, Soccer, Basketball Maeve - 7, Girl, 2nd grade, Soccer, Piano
Dec 10 (Sun)12:30:00 PMMeghan WiesbrockThe WiesbrocksEvelyn (7) and Teddy (3.5). Evelyn loves gymnastics and Teddy loves monster trucks.
Dec 03 (Sun)12:10:00 PMAbigail SjostromSjostrom FamilyEllery (6y on Dec 6), Britta 3y, Clara (1y on Dec 15)
Dec 02 (Sat)02:40:00 PMCristina DunlapBowen DunlapHe has 3 dogs, all girls. Ghita, Georgie & Penny. He wants Buck Hunter for Christmas.
Dec 09 (Sat)02:10:00 PMSchyler LanglandSutton CochranSutton is 3 years old and would like a xylophone for Christmas. He loves Snoopy and has a dog named Nola.
Dec 02 (Sat)02:50:00 PMTherese BenedettoBenedettoDexter and Oliver, they both want a mountain bike for Christmas and have two dogs named Zoey and Eva
Dec 02 (Sat)02:20:00 PMBridget WenbanJack ArtripJack is 6 months old!!
Dec 01 (Fri)09:00:00 PMJorie NeyfeldtNoah NeyfeldtNoah- 4 years boy
Dec 01 (Fri)08:50:00 PMJulie PicchiottiAnthony Picchiotti Julianna picchiottiBrother and sister
Dec 02 (Sat)01:50:00 PMLaura SzwajaJoey SnowJoey is 8 months old! This will be his first time meeting Santa! His cousins, Jonny, 11, and Scott, 8, will be with him. Jonny loves all things soccer, Illini football and Star Wars. Scott loves Star Wars, Zelda, and Legos.
Dec 02 (Sat)02:10:00 PMLisa MatsenParker MatsenAdonis is his brother
Dec 02 (Sat)02:00:00 PMSarah MattsonAmeliaNa
Dec 09 (Sat)02:00:00 PMErin BaumannBaumann2 children-Danny (5 years) and Dylan (1 year) We have one cat-Tansy Danny loves Paw Patrol and Dylan loves CoComelon
Dec 17 (Sun)03:00:00 PMRachael FabbiFabbiLucrezia Fabbi and Giada Fabbi
Dec 16 (Sat)12:30:00 PMHeather SchildWyatt and Carlson MuellerWyatt is 7 and loves Minecraft and Legos, Carlson is 4 and adores trains. We are doing the polar express tomorrow for him! They have a gecko named Bridget. They are both sweet mannered kids who try hard. Wyatt has had a great 1st grade year at Wasco Elementary, and Carlson is in preschool. Thank you!!
Dec 10 (Sun)12:00:00 PMJosef FischerFischerMarcella
Dec 16 (Sat)12:10:00 PMRachel ValentiniValentiniDominic visiting with Santa for the second time. Dominic is 2.
Dec 16 (Sat)11:50:00 AMValerie A SicilianoMaverick SicilianoHe loves monster trucks, cars and whales.
Dec 03 (Sun)11:50:00 AMAmanda WagnerWagnerFamily cousins
Dec 10 (Sun)11:30:00 AMLyndsey WilliamsMillie & RoyalMillie- is 6yrs loves to ice skate, dance and is a cheerleader. Has a brother Oak in Highschool and 2 dogs Roper and Forrie Royal- has family in England, loves painting, coloring, and her new cheer class.
Dec 03 (Sun)11:40:00 AMCeleste FatigatoFatigatoNicholas (4yrs old) Lala (2yrs old) Our very first elf on the shelf arrives tomorrow morning after our visit with you! Santa, can you explain how our elf watches over us and reports back to the North Pole every night? And remind us, we can’t touch the elf otherwise he loses his magic power! Kids are interested in Sonic the hedgehog and his sidekick Tails Nicholas has a sticker chart and once it’s filled, he has earned an el toro loco monster truck. Santa, can you tell him to keep up the good work?
Dec 09 (Sat)03:00:00 PMKathryn DiPaolaDiPaola Family3 Children - Josephine, Beth and Graham
Dec 03 (Sun)03:20:00 PMSarah MitchellLucy and Jack Van Zuidam3.5 yo and 1yo
Dec 02 (Sat)01:40:00 PMVictoria StrozJames Schopp & Evie RoszelJames is 11 mo and Evie is 7 mo old. They're first cousins and visiting Geneva with their parents for the weekend! Both are very happy babies, so hopefully they'll go easy on Santa!
Dec 16 (Sat)11:40:00 AMJessica LatinovicRafaela & MateoThe Latinovic Family, Rafaela (4 years old, almost 5) and Mateo (3 years old)
Dec 16 (Sat)11:30:00 AMAbbi LantzTessa & Miles LantzTessa will be 3 soon and this is going to be Miles first Christmas! Tessa is asking for a dollhouse and Miles is asking for books. They have two cats Winnie and Stu who have been good too! :)
Dec 03 (Sun)01:00:00 PMTony MadsenAmelia and Hannah MadsenTwo girls 4 and 5 that have been fairly good this year. Unicorns, crafts and Barbies galore
Dec 09 (Sat)12:10:00 PMHeather HedHedJordan -9 Sullivan - 7
Dec 02 (Sat)02:30:00 PMChristine RodosCami, Jack and EmmyCami- 7, almost 8 (in Jan), Jack is 5 and Emmy is 2. We live in elmhurst. Cami likes dangly earrings, saw Taylor swift movie and is in 2nd grade. Jack is in kindergarten likes super heros- Spider-Man specifically as he was him for Halloween. And they both like baking and science experiments. Emmy likes her baby doll and puppies.
Dec 16 (Sat)11:10:00 AMLisa DunhamRowan and Riley DunhamRowan (8) - he wants a Nintendo switch and a Hoover board. He loves football! Riley (5) - he’s had a very rough past 2 years. He was diagnosed with a rare, nearly fatal auto inflammatory disease (SJIA) when he was 3 years old. He’s been in the hospital a lot and has several medical issues. He loves trains and also loves puppies. He is asking for a desk for his room and train dvds.
Dec 02 (Sat)03:10:00 PMChristina MortonThe Morton FamilyCameron is 11, Cullen is 10, Carson is 7. They all love playing football and participating in wrestling! Chloe is 2 and it’s her first time meeting Santa. She loves baby dolls and bunnies!
Dec 03 (Sun)11:40:00 AMChristina MortonThe Morton FamilyCameron is 11, Cullen is 10, Carson is 7. They all love football and wrestling! Chloe is 2, and this is her first time visiting Santa. She loves baby dolls and bunnies!
Dec 10 (Sun)10:30:00 AMCarol FaithDeclan, Jack, Catie, Maddie, Charlie5 kids in total. ages are 4,7, 11,11 and 18
Dec 02 (Sat)03:20:00 PMNicole ReganReganChloe (18 mo) + Penelope (4.5 yo)
Dec 17 (Sun)11:40:00 AMAntonia LauerDeaconLauer Family
Dec 17 (Sun)11:30:00 AMJulianne NessAnabelle DalyFamily photo
Dec 09 (Sat)11:40:00 AMChristina ClaussnerEaston and Harlow HendryEaston will be 4 in January, Harlow will be 2 in March. They are expecting a sister in March. Easton loves dinosaurs and learning about space. Harlow loves Disney princesses and all things girly.
Dec 02 (Sat)12:40:00 PMTracy MusinskiMusinskiHayes- 28 months- loves cars and puzzles?
Dec 16 (Sat)01:00:00 PMK BulmanHenry & LucyHenry is 9 years old and Lucy is 6 years old. Although they sometimes bicker, they play extremely well together and look after each other. Both are very smart and LOVE reading (Henry especially loves writing). Henry is an awesome golfer and Lucy enjoys gymnastics and ballet. Mom and Dad would prefer that they listen the first time more often and remember to floss their teeth at night. Lucy would love to get some makeup this year and Henry would probably enjoy some Nerf guns--both things that Mom and Dad would never approve of! ;) Both of them would also love another Squishmallow for Christmas even though they have too many already! Thank you so much for spreading Christmas joy; we appreciate it!
Dec 09 (Sat)11:50:00 AMJamie CulenMax and Jack CulenMax plays hockey and baseball and golf. He is 9 and is in 4th grade. Jack is 5 and plays soccer. They both love their dogs Rizzo and Bo who they adopted. They have been very good boys all year!
Dec 16 (Sat)12:40:00 PMTaryn SchneiderSchneiderAksel , age 3 1/2, loves puzzles and Winnie the Pooh. Asking Santa for Piglet and Eeyore stuffed animal
Dec 10 (Sun)11:50:00 AMSandra FenclFlanigan; KraberKennadie (Age 12); Oakleigh (Age 2 years); Addison (Age 1). They are cousins. Oakleigh and Addison are sisters.
Dec 17 (Sun)11:20:00 AMBean PorterMaddie2 year old
Dec 09 (Sat)10:50:00 AMBecky HrubyHrubyElaina, age 11
Dec 16 (Sat)10:50:00 AMAllison ThompsonAugust (Augie), Oscar, & Svea NelsonAugie is 5yrs old, Oscar is 3 yrs old, & Svea is 14 months old
Dec 17 (Sun)03:20:00 PMJessica OsbergEvan and JulianaEvan is 5, Juliana is 2. We have a dog named Coco. Evan would like a nurf gun or drone for Christmas. Juliana would like anything to do with Mickey Mouse.
Dec 01 (Fri)08:40:00 PMDanielle DiekeversDiekeversHenry-4.5 years old loves trucks (construction, garbage, tow trucks, fire trucks and transportation like helicopters, dinosaurs, seeing how things work and building things. Lucah-almost 3 years old. Loves blippi and Pixar movies (buzz lightyear, encanto, coco, Moana) playing with play food/kitchen and baby dolls
Dec 10 (Sun)11:20:00 AMMaggie TrappRonan, Luke, Jane & PoppyRonan (5), Luke (4), Jane (1.5) & Poppy (5) are cousins. Ronan & Luke love monster trucks, hot wheels, Super Mario & Batman. Jane loves Elmo & Bluey. Poppy loves Barbie, play make-up and jewelry. Thank you!
Dec 10 (Sun)01:30:00 PMDiane PinterDiane PinterPriscilla-9, Penelope-7, Drew- 1
Dec 16 (Sat)10:40:00 AMHolly HeimlichPhoebe, Shea & Jordan HeimlichNo special info
Dec 02 (Sat)01:10:00 PMElizabeth GuessGuessKids Alexis and Ethan
Dec 10 (Sun)11:10:00 AMColleen BerkEllie, Lucas, Brayden BerkBrayden 13, does great in school, loves to play videos games with friends Lucas is 10, loves Star Wars and asking for Star Wars legos Ellie is 8, plays basketball and volleyball
Dec 09 (Sat)01:00:00 PMAmanda StraggasMicahN/A
Dec 16 (Sat)03:20:00 PMErica HauserCarlsonChloe- 14, almost 15 just before Christmas! Brady - 11
Dec 16 (Sat)03:10:00 PMErica HauserHauserOur 3 daughters will be in attendance! Jill is 17, Brooke is 15 and Katie is 10. Jill and Brooke love seeing how excited their little sister gets to see Santa! Katie has special needs and is in a wheelchair. Katie loves puzzles, books, games and playing with our golden retriever puppy Britta!
Dec 17 (Sun)12:10:00 PMAmy Redmond MeridithMeridithMeridith Charlie, Lily and Ella
Dec 02 (Sat)12:20:00 PMNina ViveritoMalia RocioMalia is 2 years old and will be accompanied by her mom/dad and grandma. She has 2 dogs named Milo and Louie. And she loves stickers, coloring, chocolate and music/dancing
Dec 02 (Sat)03:00:00 PMAlyson BerryKeaton and Collins BerryKeaton is 2.5 (boy) Collins is 8 months (girl )
Dec 10 (Sun)11:00:00 AMArin AgaseKleinmanHarlow: 6 Oaks: 3
Dec 02 (Sat)12:10:00 PMJessica CelliniCelliniAubree Madison Billie
Dec 01 (Fri)08:30:00 PMCourtney QuinnAubrey Quinn, Kaylee QuinnAubrey is 7, Kaylee is 5
Dec 16 (Sat)11:20:00 AMCasey YoungJames (5), Thea (2, almost 3)James wants bluey house, Lego cars, monster trucks Thea wants dolls, dress up accessories
Dec 03 (Sun)11:10:00 AMKathryn JonesJones FamilyHarvey is 5 and Charlotte is 2. Harvey ants Sonic Legos and a Rubik’s cube. Charlotte wants a paw patrol toy and a baby.
Dec 02 (Sat)01:30:00 PMDanielle MarshallCaiden and JulianCaiden is 6 and loves legos. Julian is 4 and loves super heroes, trucks and games.
Dec 17 (Sun)11:10:00 AMamy giordanoParker WhittingtonParker with Mom, dad, grandma, aunts and uncles - Parker is a year and a half year old girl. She loves dolls
Dec 10 (Sun)10:40:00 AMBrianna CollettiBrianna CollettiOur son is 6 months old and his name is Vincent
Dec 03 (Sun)11:20:00 AMMegan PetramalePetramaleJames (8) Teddy (6)
Dec 02 (Sat)12:00:00 PMAbigail HansingHansingLillymae (8) loves pets, her play kitchen Emmylou (11) loves K-pop, art projects Holly (13) loves volleyball Lucy (16) loves guitar Daisy- dog Ziggy- cat
Dec 17 (Sun)12:00:00 PMNicole GratesGratesMom, dad, nana, 6 year old, 1 year old
Dec 16 (Sat)01:10:00 PMMary SwiderskiSwiderskiDylan Age 7 Sean Age 2
Dec 02 (Sat)12:30:00 PMNicole BaumBaumEmmett (4) Otto (1)
Dec 09 (Sat)01:50:00 PMJosephine DubskyAJ DubskyParents Andrew and Josephine
Dec 03 (Sun)10:50:00 AMKathryn SweeneySweeneyJames (4), Sophie (1)
Dec 01 (Fri)08:10:00 PMJerry BurgessHoffmanGwen wants stuffed animals especially an Alaskan Malamute and Sabrina wants anything that involves Frozen especially Elsa
Dec 03 (Sun)12:00:00 PMJennifer PowellJennifer PowellColton-3 Connor-4 Adeline-6
Dec 09 (Sat)12:00:00 PMKrystal TuttilaChloe3 dogs no siblings loves the show ms rachel and little people toys
Dec 03 (Sun)10:30:00 AMLauren DaleyIsabelle and NicholasIsabelle is 11 and Nicholas is 10
Dec 17 (Sun)11:00:00 AMAmy MomsenLogan & Miles Davenport1 year old and baby. Just want a cute picture
Dec 17 (Sun)10:50:00 AMCailey JonesJack and Adelaide JonesJack is 3 and Adelaide 1. We expect Adelaide to be a little apprehensive of Santa this year. Jack hopefully will have an idea of a gift he wants for Christmas this year.
Dec 17 (Sun)10:40:00 AMMackenzie NissenMerrick NissenMom, Dad, and Merrick (2 years old)
Dec 03 (Sun)10:40:00 AMMelissa StratmanStratmanZack is 6 years old into Legos, dinosaurs, sports, and videogames. Savannah is 4 years old into Princesses, Trolls, and singing and drawing.
Dec 09 (Sat)10:40:00 AMGretchen VloedmanThe Vloedman FamilyAdeline- 4 years old Tessa-2 years old Tessa loves dinosaurs, Adeline loves play-doh and makeup.
Dec 01 (Fri)08:00:00 PMOlivia RamirezRamirez. Mateó, Ahlani & AhlaiaMateó 3, Ahlaia 4, Ahlani 5
Dec 09 (Sat)11:20:00 AMElizabeth VelazquezChico VelazquezMom - Liz Dad - Victor Child - Chico Grandma- Sandy
Dec 02 (Sat)11:50:00 AMFelicia RobinsonEvelyn Robinson, Penelope Robinson,Charlotte Robinson, Azalea AugierRobinson girls: pets (Dood, Buddy, Magnolia). Evelyn loves swimming, American girl. Penelope likes dress up, karate, she is wanting a Barbie dream house, Charlotte likes paw patrol, dress up, Mario. Azalea has 2 dogs Ziggy and Kiwi. She has a new baby brother Enzo. She loves Moana, Minnie Mouse.
Dec 02 (Sat)11:40:00 AMCassandra HernandezGus and GioGus is 5 and Gio will be 20 months
Dec 10 (Sun)03:00:00 PMNicholas MurphyNiall MurphyNiall (5) and his brother Brady (1). They love trains, Walt Disney / Mickey Mouse, and spider man. They have two dogs Lilly and Sally and one cat Oliver. Thanks Santa!
Dec 10 (Sun)10:50:00 AMJill ThomasThomas FamilyHannah (age 5): loves American Girl Dolls, Barbies, LOL dolls. She likes to dance, sing and act, is in Ballet and acting and will start ice skating soon. She wants to go to Disneyland someday. Graham (age 2): loves all things trucks (dump trucks, bulldozers, excavators, etc.), likes Paw Patrol.
Dec 02 (Sat)11:30:00 AMJessica GroenendykGroenendykGroup of kids
Dec 01 (Fri)08:20:00 PMJody TrombleyTrombleyOlivia Trombley 5 years old Loves princesses Has a dog named Lucy Just moved to a new house in Batavia from Chicago so Santa knows (wink wink)
Dec 01 (Fri)07:50:00 PMBrynn WhitmanWhitmanDelana (Duh-lahna) 5 1/2 yr old girl. Wants an Alexa, a mini fridge (ha!), rides horses and is starting horse shows next year. Thanks!!
Dec 17 (Sun)10:30:00 AMKaty SanchezAmelia SanchezAmelia goes by Amelia or Mimi She has some expressive communication delays but receptively understands everything. It may take her an extra few seconds to process information. Mom or Dad can help her communicate as needed.
Dec 09 (Sat)11:30:00 AMAngie BellafioreJayme BellafioreJayme is in 4th Grade. She likes art and just started taking violin lessons this year
Dec 02 (Sat)11:20:00 AMAisling OReillyDeclan & Ailish ConranDeclan (almost 4) loves trains and ninja turtles. Ailish (2) loves cocomelon. Thank you!
Dec 09 (Sat)03:20:00 PMAlex JedlickaBenBen (boy) 2: loves puzzles, animals, sports, Hotwheels/trucks, Disney movies, and will be a big brother in March.
Dec 09 (Sat)03:10:00 PMAlex JedlickaLaurie FamilyJackson (boy) 9: loves baseball, basketball, and any game! Brooklyn (girl) 7: loves soccer, crafts, Harry Potter. Ryan(girl) 4: loves painting, dressing up, and animals!
Dec 10 (Sun)10:30:00 AMEileen NolanNolanEleanor (4 years old. Will be 5 on Dec 11th) and Michael (3 years old)
Dec 01 (Fri)07:40:00 PMMackenzie LivingstonCharlee & Cayden LivingstonCharlee (5) loves horses, the lake house, is homeschooled and goes to Frenchie Farm. Cayden (1) loves cars & trains!
Dec 01 (Fri)07:20:00 PMAshton AndersonElliott AndersonElliott (girl) has type 1 diabetes. She may ask for a cure for diabetes. We have told her that while Santa can bring toys and magic, he cannot cure diseases.
Dec 10 (Sun)11:40:00 AMKarly BellichNinedorfEmilia (Emi) - 5 years old, favorite color pink, loves sparkles, crafts, and reading Ethan - 3 years old, favorite color yellow, loves cars (anything that goes) and Batman/Spider-Man
Dec 16 (Sat)10:30:00 AMEllen WydraWydraSon's name is Walter
Dec 02 (Sat)11:10:00 AMBethany GarbeGarbeMom-Beth, Dad-Alex, Clare-11, Annie-7 (turns 8 on 12/20). Clare likes Art, Legos, Minecraft, Harry Potter, reading, and swimming. Annie likes singing, dancing, anything music, Miraculous Ladybug, and Sonic the Hedgehog.
Dec 02 (Sat)11:00:00 AMBrittany LoweEllie and Kyler LoweEllie loves babydolls and coloring. Her favorite color is pink. She does swimming and dance class. She is 4 years old and is in preschool. Kyler loves spiderman and trucks. He does swimming. He is 2 years old. They both love chocolate!
Dec 16 (Sat)12:00:00 PMJennifer KlafehnJason KlafehnJason loves Roblox
Dec 03 (Sun)11:30:00 AMKate KlimekKlimekGenevieve 7, Corinne 5, Everett 4, and baby Rhys
Dec 09 (Sat)02:30:00 PMTodd KendallJojo (4 years old); Jack (12 years old)Jojo likes construction equipment toys and police/fire trucks. Jack likes Hot Topic (the store in the mall).
Dec 09 (Sat)11:10:00 AMashley girardPalmer Girardfirst timer with her sister Gigi
Dec 09 (Sat)11:00:00 AMashley girardGigi Girardfirst timer- may be nervous
Dec 02 (Sat)01:00:00 PMRenee JuergensJuergensColin (9) - 4th grade. Plays soccer with Strikers. Is the goalie and loves playing the 9 on the field. Wants a crazy Kart for Christmas. Evelyn (8) - 2nd grade. Ice skates and horse back rides. Has 2 hermit crabs named Hermione and Harry. Loves Harry Potter, puzzles, and Legos.
Dec 01 (Fri)07:30:00 PMAbby Sorensen-BrittichJenna and BriannaBrittich family. Dog named Tao. Our family elf is named holly. The girls love Christmas. They have a Christmas tree in their room.
Dec 03 (Sun)03:00:00 PMHeather MillerMillerMarcus 9, Sarah 7, Renee 15, Aidan 16, Conrad is brother in college
Dec 16 (Sat)11:00:00 AMTia schoolcraftPierce and Walker Schoolcraft2 brothers 3.5 and 2 years old. They have a dog named Remy. They love trucks, trains, blimpi, Mickey Mouse. For Christmas they want construction trucks and monster trucks. They also love the grinch!
Dec 01 (Fri)07:10:00 PMKiley RobertsFister6 children will be present
Dec 02 (Sat)10:30:00 AMMollie HowardHoward KidsAmy (8), Brooke (4), Ryan (2)
Dec 02 (Sat)10:50:00 AMNicki BurkeJake, Claire and Maddie CresswellJake is olderbut will play along, but the girls still believe. They are in town visiting their Aunt and Uncle from ST LOUIS. Their elfs name is GEORGE. Their dogs name is CASSIOUS CLAY, called Cash.
Dec 02 (Sat)10:40:00 AMNicki BurkeGabbie BurkeGabbie is 8 years old turning 9 on Dec 13th. She very much believes. She loves necklace looms, squishmallows and is a GOOD SWIMMER for the BULLETS. Her elfs Name is BITSY.
Dec 03 (Sun)11:00:00 AMTaylor SmarstyNoah DroletThis is Noah's first time seeing Santa! He is 1.5 yr old. Mom and Dad are probably more excited then he will be... lol
Dec 09 (Sat)10:30:00 AMRenee ToupsToups FamilyLeo(9), Bebe(7), Roo(6), Gus(4), Dash(2), Dot(8 months). We love St. Nicholas. They will come with letters for Santa saying what they want =). Thank you!
Dec 01 (Fri)06:50:00 PMCheryl RobinsonGrace Nadler8 yrs. old..
Dec 01 (Fri)07:00:00 PMCheryl Robinsonmax nadler10 year old boy - super cute - not sure he believes in you know what!
Dec 01 (Fri)06:40:00 PMJill TaylorHaley TaylorHaley has a disability so still believes in Santa.