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Burger and Sushi House (B.A.S.H. Geneva)

124 W. State Street
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1 Edamame (+$1 Fire Edamame) for everyone participating

1 Appetizer (and amount of pieces)
-Crispy Rice (3)
-Pork Gyoza (3)
-Crab Rangoons
-Shishito Peppers (Ve)

1 Classic Sushi Selection
-Spicy Tuna
-Green Thumb (Ve)

Or for +$8
-Two River

1 Entree
-Ramen (Pork or Veggie)
-Miso Salmon
-Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich
-Frenchie Fondue
-Sundried Impossible (Ve)

1 Dessert
-Mochi (1)

Geneva Restaurant Week

JANUARY 23rd – 29th